6 East 22nd St. Bayonne, NJ 07002          201 535 5088

Ginny Baranock:

“Stacey has been my hair stylist for 5 years. Not only is she my stylist, but a good friend. She was by my side throughout my battle with cancer. She would always go out of her way to make me feel good about myself, both mentally and physically. I would recommend her to anyone who needs and wants change. Stacey is well educated in her field and is up to date with fashion, so if you need change I highly recommend that you visit Intrigue…. “



H. Jackson Brown, Jr:

“Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye…. “


Carol L.

“Stacy Hoffman can see what is invisible to the eye.  Beauty – it’s in my mind’s eye.  It’s how I look at myself.  It’s a vision  of how I want the world to see me.  My outside personality nurtures what’s inside.  It’s the intrigue that invites others to get to know me… better… if I choose.  Stacy Hoffman.  She’s the professional stylist I trust to make that happen for me.  Stacy really listens to what I want.  She draws upon her years of experience, training, and creativity to discuss my vision.  What will work, what will work better…for me!  In her talented hands, my hair is a work of art.  Stacy doesn’t just make me “feel” beautiful-when she’s done, I AM beautiful.  And confident.  Like the song says, “I’m sexy, and I know it!”  Stacy Hoffman – simply the best beauty professional for someone who wants to let what’s on the inside speak for itself on the outside. “